Project: Natural Setting Therapeutic Management

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does working with the family and staff help the individual with the disability?

    NSTM teaches you the methods that enable you to become competent behavior managers. These are the skills that you will continue to use after our partnership has ended.

  • Does it make a difference how much education I've had?

No previous special or advance education is required. You will be trained according to your needs and in a way that you can understand.
  • Other professionals have me come to the office. Why do you come to the home?

It is more beneficial to work with you and the individual with the developmental disability in the setting in which the behaviors, and changes in the behavior, will occur.
  • How long does your program take?

There is no specific time period for you contact with the project. In the past, contact has ranged from six months to over a year. The NSTM staff works with a family or staff to meet the goals agreed upon for training and behavior until they are met.
  • Is NSTM a crisis service?

No, NSTM is not able to provide crisis services. As a training program, we emphasize prevention of problems by establishing a positive environment.
  • What happens when regular visits end?

NSTM staff will contact the family and staff at one, six, and twelve months after regular sessions have ended to assess how well behavior change has been maintained. Staff are available for future consultation should the family or staff wish to develop and apply additional behavior change problems.