Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus Project: Natural Setting Therapeutic Management

NSTM - Agency Division: Agency Services Contract




Sample Service Contract


To maintianTo maintain a consultation, supervision and training relationship between The Center for Applied Psychology, Rutgers, The State University and the agency.


  • To provide weekly training in the theory and principles of behavior management and consultation to staff members in no more than four (4) vocational and/or residential sites. It is understood that this consultation is not designed to provide on-call crisis intervention services.
  • To assess need throughout the agency to determine which consumers are the best candidates for support services.
  • To develop and implement behavior intervention programs for individuals in the selected vocational/residential sites.
  • To train and supervise all relevant staff in the implementation of the aforementioned programs.


  • To assess the behavioral competence of staff in the targeted sites. Establish a training procedure to increase competence to a level, which will allow for successful execution of behavioral intervention.
  • To assess environmental variables within the work or home environment (e.g., physical environment, grouping of consumers, schedules, routines, etc.) relative to the behavior of the consumers. Propose relevant modifications to create and maintain a 'therapeutic' environment.
  • To understand each identified consumers' capabilities, needs and current IHP's.
  • To maintain a general consultation procedure through which staff, supervisors and administrators can access the principal consultant to address specific needs.
  • To maintain procedures to ensure the continuity of training and programming in a changeable environment (e.g., staffing changes).
  • To maintain procedures with which to assure high staff motivation.
  • To maintain an active professional presence within the agency.
  • To consult with psychiatrists and other professionals serving the agency.


All services are provided by a Masters level behavior specialist who has received comprehensive training by the clinical supervisors at Project NSTM and is under the direct supervision of Russell J. Kormann, Ph.D.

Dr. Kormann is the administrative overseer who meets with the behavior specialist on a weekly basis to review all consultation work. Moreover, he countersigns all behavioral documents and would be available for any relevant DDD meetings that would be necessary to support the interventions utilized.


Costs associated with consultation includes: salaries, fringe benefits, overhead, supplies and travel. The annual fee for the period of July to June covers all costs associated with the above personnel for the times specified.